Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Colors of Food

As we surf the paths of Wave Hill in The Bronx, we turn to see a plant covered in purple flowers. She says "Purple and Green are my favorite colors". She approaches the plant and elegantly bends to smell the sweet nectar that it emanates. As she breathes in, I can almost smell it too.

We are home, the day was fun and long. We are exhausted perched on her classic era couch. She goes into the next room and comes back in Pink and Black lingerie. As I stare at her as She says "Pink and Black are my favorite colors". Even though confusion might have seeped in, I decided to accept it.

Finally every time we pass almonds be it in a container, cake, or ice cream, she lets me know with great pleasure in her voice that Almonds are her favorite. How could I not adore someone so full of love for the simple pleasures of life?

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